About the Congress

This international dimension event results from a multidisciplinary work developed by the Disciplinary Research Unit - Functional Aged Communities of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco. It will feature a distinct panel of national and international renown guests in the most diverse areas of knowledge involving Aging in the Longevity and Development dimensions.

For two days - 11 and 12th November (Thursday and Friday) 2021, we will hold the online 2nd Virtual Age.Comm Congress. There will be two days covering important issues in plenary sessions, interactive moderation, live discussion panels and much more.

The way in which we investigate and analyze the dynamic process of aging is a central point in our society, whose intervention must be multidimensional. It is on this premise that Age.Comm - Interdisciplinary Research Unit - Functional Aged Communities of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, designs its intervention, bringing together in a common space a set of researchers from different scientific areas, from the social sciences and behavior, education, information and communication technologies and distinct health sciences specialties, in a search to understand the population aging  phenomenon, in a systemic, holistic and sustainable perspective. From within one of the most aging territories in Portugal and Europe, it examines the history and impact of this aging process, from two perspectives that are related and influence each other: Longevity and Development.

The congress aims to be a forum for discussing the challenges and opportunities for the transversal, interdependent and integrated construction of a dynamic vision of Longevity, betting on a dialogue based on an epistemic vision bringing together communities through different cultures, scientific, social, geographical, environmental, technological and attitudinal experiences for the development of older and integrated societies.

This event will be built taking into account the theme of Longevity and Development.

Scientific Committee

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Organizing Committee

  • Ângela Sofia Lopes Simões

  • Lucinda Sofia Almeida Carvalho

  • Luísa Correia Castilho

  • Marco Paulo Tavares Sousa Domingues

  • Maria Hermínia Barbosa

  • Maria João da Silva Guardado Moreira

  • Marisa Regina Reduto Santos Barbeira

  • Paulo Jorge Sequeira Gonçalves

  • Vítor Manuel Barreiros Pinheira

Honor Comission

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